Database Security and Performance are concerned with ensuring the Secrecy, Integrity, and indeed, in-time Availability of Data stored in business-critical Databases. Databases must be secured from external, internal, and intra-database threats and bottle-necks and points of contentions must be identified in a timely manner in order to ensure Optimum Database Performance.

Subsequent to years of experienced we use specialized Health Checks techniques to conduct and facilitate Health Checks and Assessment of all critical technology related components of the Companies in terms of implementation, usage, performance bottlenecks, configuration, operations, security and disaster recovery.

In regard to Database Penetration Testing, We cover the following:

• Analysis of Database Activities
• Architectural Analysis
• Objects such as Indexes, Views etc.
• Clusters
• Schemas
• Table spaces
• Parameter Tuning (OS level and Database level)
• Query Tuning – identify poorly Performing Queries
• Profile Options and Password Policy
• Backup Strategy and Disaster Recovery Planning
• Vacuum Analyze Strategy
• Hardware and OS Configuration Analysis
• Partitioning Review
• Security Review
• Best Practices